Mentalscapes — Learning Mental Arithmetic in an exciting game.
After a month, you’ll see an increase in engagement
and motivation for your students!
Customer LTV
growth up to 50%
learning is always with you
Lead magnet
Conversion growth after the demo lesson
Download Mentalscapes to your smartphone or tablet from the market
Game simulator license options
including integration to your educational platform and technical support
Small franchise network
cost per student per month
  • 1 game

    Number of students from 300

    Integrate with your educational platform

    24/7 Support
Average franchise network
cost per student per month
  • Set of 2 games

    Number of students from 1,000

    Integrate with your educational platform

    24/7 Support
Integration with your learning platform
We integrate into your existing business process. Your teachers still manage their homework and see the results in your learning platform.
Game statistics
We support the transfer of statistics in SCORM, xAPI format. We do custom integration. All information about the number and results of homework exercises for the teacher will be unchanged in your platform.
Protection of your intellectual right
All of your mental arithmetic exercises remain on the side of your platform. Games integrate with your platform via an API. We support dynamic exercise generation and pre-defined exercises in your platform.

Watch a video of the gameplay on the simulator

What's unique about
mental arithmetic simulator game
This is a real modern game
With modern graphics, thoughtful design and best practices from the gaming industry to engage the player in the process.
All player motivators involved
  • Communication with players
  • Competitive motivation
  • Creative challenges
Series of related games
Guarantees passion for at least a year of learning through a variety of games and series.
Created by professionals from the gaming industry
Softweather Games — is a mobile game development team with 5 years of experience and a series of successful games.
Ready-made analytics
We developed an API for integration with your learning platform
Flexible deployment system
Designed for mobile screens and tablets. The simulator game will always be with your student.
A series of simulator games
for native teaching of mental arithmetic
Mentalscapes 2
The second part in a series of games. Exercise inside the exciting game. Breathe life into a charming house on a quiet green street. The adventure begins right from the doorstep!
The first game in a series of games. Ad-free mobile game for easy and enjoyable learning of mental arithmetic on Android and iOS platforms.
Mentalscapes minecraft
Simulator game in the most popular game Minecraft. That’s more than 10 million players across the globe! A child can learn mental arithmetic inside their favorite game.
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About the developer

Experienced team of mobile game developers. We will develop the concept, mechanics and game design. We will create illustrations and 3D animations, musical accompaniment. We will package the game and account, test and integrate monetization. We'll publish and maintain.
We will work out the game for all browsers and resolutions. We will develop mechanics and design. We will develop the graphic component and content: UI/UX, game illustrations. Test and conduct quality control, debugging. We will support and develop it together with you.
We'll design mechanics and level design, conduct analysis and write documentation. We will develop the graphical component and content: UI/UX, 2D, 3D, animations. We'll test and provide QA and debugging. We'll publish it on Steam and the Oculus Store.
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